Test Bank for Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design (Fashion Series) (2nd Edition) by Susan M. Lazear

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    Table of content:

    Title Page
    Copyright Page
    Table of Contents
    Introductory Pages
    Intended Audience
    Layout of the Book
    Files Available Online
    Artwork Used in the Book
    Version of Illustrator?
    How to Approach Your Studies with This Book
    List of Online Videos
    Section One: Tour of Adobe Illustrator
    Section Overview
    Learning Objectives
    Chapter 1: Overview of Adobe Illustrator
    The Illustrator Approach to Design: Vector Graphics
    Vector Terminology and Concepts
    The General Process of Design
    User Interface and the Working Environment
    Basic Maintenance Operations
    Maneuvering Your Way around a Document
    View Options
    Going back in Time
    Student Gallery
    Chapter 2: Quick Start: Basic Drawing in Illustrator
    The General Process of Design
    Quick Exercise, Part 1: Drawing a Stick-Man Figure
    Student Gallery
    Quick Exercise, Part 2: Adding Details
    Student Gallery
    Chapter 3: Illustrator’s Tools Panel
    Selection Tools
    Pen and Related Drawing Tools
    Type Tools
    Segment and Shape Tools
    Free-form Drawing and Editing Tools
    Transformation Tools
    Color-Related Tools
    Document Management Tools
    Object Management Tools
    Screen Display
    Additional Miscellaneous Tools
    Chapter 4: Illustrator’s Menus
    Basic Maneuvering through the Menus
    Illustrator Menu
    File Menu
    Edit Menu
    Object Menu
    Type Menu
    Select Menu
    Effect Menu
    View Menu
    Window Menu
    Chapter 5: lllustrator’s Panels
    Control Panel
    Artboard Panel
    Layers Panel
    Navigator Panel
    Stroke Panel
    Color Panel
    Swatches Panel
    Color Guide Panel
    Gradient Panel
    Appearance Panel
    Pathfinder Panel
    Symbols Panel
    Section Two: Basic Drawing Exercises
    Learning Objectives
    Exercise #1: Setting up a Document
    Exercise #2: Working with Fill and Stroke Settings
    Exercise #3: Drawing Straight and Curved Segments
    Student Gallery
    Exercise #4: Adding, Deleting, and Changing the Types of Anchor Points Using the Grid and Snap to Gr
    Exercise #5: Grouping Objects
    Exercise #6: Working with Layers
    Exercise #7: Using Join and Average
    Exercise #8: Working with Pathfinder
    Exercise #9: Creating and Working with Gradients
    Exercise #10: Working with Clipping Masks
    Exercise #11: Transferring Swatches between Documents
    Section Three: Fashion Flats Exercises
    Learning Objectives
    Exercise #1: Drawing a Basic Tank Top Utilizing Straight and Curved Segments as You Draw
    Exercise #2: Drawing a Basic T-Shirt Body Utilizing a Grid, Pen, and Pen Editing Tools
    Exercise #3: Adding Sleeves and a Neckband to an Existing Garment Body
    Exercise #4: Drawing Symmetrical Garments Using Guidelines, Grid, and the Reflect Tool
    Exercise #5: Drawing Flats on a Basic Croquis
    Student Gallery Fashion Flats
    Exercise #6: Working with the SnapFashun Library of Flats
    Student Gallery
    Exercise #7: Working with Predrawn Flats
    Exercise #8: Working with Symbols and the Symbols Panel
    Various Symbol Libraries
    Section Four: Fashion Illustration Exercises
    Learning Objectives
    Exercise #1: Tracing a Hand-Drawn Fashion Illustration
    Student Gallery
    Exercise #2: Creating a Posed Fashion Figure from a Fashion Photo
    Student Gallery
    Exercise #3 : Creating a Screen Capture for Use in Illustrator
    Exercise #4: Using Live Trace to Work with Digital Art
    Exercise #5: Using Clipping Masks to Lay Scanned Fabric in Vector Images
    Exercise #6: Developing and Drawing a Fashion Croquis
    Student Gallery
    Exercise #7: Working with a Jointed Croquis
    Student Gallery
    Section Five: Textile Design Exercises
    Learning Objectives
    General Textile Terminology
    Illustrator Fill Pattern Terminology
    Things to Note When Working with Fill Patterns
    Exercise #1: Working with Built-in Patterns
    Exercise #2: Editing Existing Pattern Swatches
    Exercise #3: Creating a Pattern Tile (Simple)
    Exercise #4: Creating a Pattern Tile (Intermediate)
    Exercise #5: Creating a Pattern Tile (Advanced)
    Exercise #6: Setting up to Create Multiple Colorways for a Textile Print
    Exercise #7: Building Multiple Colorways of a Textile Print
    Student Gallery
    Section Six: Presentation Exercises
    Learning Objectives
    Exercise #1: Color Matching between Fabrics and Printouts
    Exercise #2: Using Effects to Create Fabric Swatch Templates
    Exercise #3: Creating Fabric Swatch Layouts
    Exercise #4: Creating a Merchandise Presentation Using Snapshots
    Student Gallery Fashion Flats
    Exercise #5: Creating Technical Drawings with Callouts
    Student Gallery Fashion Flats with Callouts
    Exercise #6: Prepping and Building a Tech Pack
    Exercise #7: Prepping Graphics for Presentation
    Exercise #8: Using Actions to Facilitate the Design or Graphic Preparation Process
    Exercise #9: Building an Electronic Portfolio Using Adobe Acrobat


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