Test Bank for Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud: Comprehensive (1st Edition) by Corinne L. Hoisington

By: Corinne Hoisington , Jessica Minnick
ISBN-10: 1305267222
/ ISBN-13: 9781305267220

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Corinne Hoisington , Jessica Minnick
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Table of content:

Half Title
Textbook Walk-Through
Website Development and Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud
Website Planning and Design Basics
Planning a Website
Website Hosting
Project Management
Web Programming Languages
Webpage Authoring Programs
Chapter Summary
Apply Your Knowledge
Extend Your Knowledge
Make It Right
In the Labs
Cases and Places
Ch 1: Creating a Website with Dreamweaver
Ch 1: Objectives
What Is Dreamweaver Creative Cloud?
Project — Small Business Incubator Website
Downloading and Installing Dreamweaver CC
Starting Dreamweaver
Touring the Dreamweaver Window
Understanding HTML5
Understanding CSS3
Creating a Site
Dreamweaver Help
Ch 1: Chapter Summary
Ch 1: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 1: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 1: Make It Right
Ch 1: In the Labs
Ch 1: Cases and Places
Ch 2: Creating a Template for a Mobile Website Using Responsive Design
Ch 2: Objectives
Ch 2: Introduction
Project — Template for a Mobile Website
Designing Webpages with CSS
Anatomy of a Style Sheet
Creating a Dreamweaver Website Using Responsive Design
Organizing Website Files
Adding HTML5 Structural Elements to the Grid
Adding CSS Styles
Managing Fonts with Adobe Edge Web Fonts
Adding Unordered Lists
Adding CSS Styles to Navigation List Items
Creating an Editable Region of a Template
Ch 2: Chapter Summary
Ch 2: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 2: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 2: Make It Right
Ch 2: In the Labs
Ch 2: Cases and Places
Ch 3: Modifying a Responsive Design Template for Tablet and Desktop Displays
Ch 3: Objectives
Ch 3: Introduction
Project — Responsive Design Templates for Tablet and Desktop Viewports
Modifying a Template
Designing Webpages for a Tablet
Designing Webpages for a Desktop Display
Creating a New Page from a Template
Ch 3: Chapter Summary
Ch 3: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 3: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 3: Make It Right
Ch 3: In the Labs
Ch 3: Cases and Places
Ch 4: Adding Graphics and Links
Ch 4: Objectives
Ch 4: Introduction
Project — Promotional Images and Links
Adding Graphics to a Website
Creating Additional Pages for a Site
Modifying a Template
Marketing a Site with Facebook and Twitter
Adding Links
Using Media Queries to Target Devices
Ch 4: Chapter Summary
Ch 4: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 4: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 4: Make It Right
Ch 4: In the Labs
Ch 4: Cases and Places
Ch 5: Exploring Tables and Forms
Ch 5: Objectives
Ch 5: Introduction
Project — Formatted Table and Form
Using Tables on Webpages
Formatting Tables
Understanding How Forms Work
Adding Form Objects
Adding Text Fields
Ch 5: Chapter Summary
Ch 5: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 5: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 5: Make It Right
Ch 5: In the Labs
Ch 5: Cases and Places
Ch 6: Enhancing Webpages with Audio and Video
Ch 6: Objectives
Ch 6: Introduction
Project — Webpages with Multimedia
Adding Multimedia with HTML5 or a Plug-in
Adding Sound
Adding an Audio File with HTML5
Adding Video
Ch 6: Chapter Summary
Ch 6: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 6: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 6: Make It Right
Ch 6: In the Labs
Ch 6: Cases and Places
Ch 7: Interacting with jQuery User Interface Widgets
Ch 7: Objectives
Ch 7: Introduction
Project — jQuery UI Widgets and Figure Elements
Understanding jQuery UI Widgets
Adding jQuery UI Widgets to Webpages
Adding the Figure Element to a Webpage
Adding a jQuery UI Tabs Widget to a Webpage
Ch 7: Chapter Summary
Ch 7: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 7: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 7: Make It Right
Ch 7: In the Labs
Ch 7: Cases and Places
Ch 8: Publishing a Website
Ch 8: Objectives
Ch 8: Introduction
Project — Testing and Publishing the Gallery Site
Performing Website Maintenance
Using Copyrighted Material
Testing a Website
Understanding Meta Tags
Validating a Website Using W3C Services
Syncing Files to the Creative Cloud
Publishing a Website
Ch 8: Chapter Summary
Ch 8: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 8: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 8: Make It Right
Ch 8: In the Labs
Ch 8: Cases and Places
Ch 9: Building a Mobile Web Application
Ch 9: Objectives
Ch 9: Introduction
Project — Mobile Web Application
Designing Mobile Web Applications
Using jQuery Mobile Tools
Completing a Mobile Application
Creating PhoneGap Applications
Ch 9: Chapter Summary
Ch 9: Apply Your Knowledge
Ch 9: Extend Your Knowledge
Ch 9: Make It Right
Ch 9: In the Labs
Ch 9: Cases and Places
Appendix A: Adobe Dreamweaver CC Help
Appendix B: For Mac Users
Appendix C: Project Planning Guidelines
Quick Reference Summary

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