Test Bank for Accounting: What the Numbers Mean (Irwin Accounting) (10th Edition) by David H. Marshall

By: David Marshall , Wayne William McManus
ISBN-10: 007802529X
/ ISBN-13: 9780078025297

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Authors: David Marshall , Wayne William McManus
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Table of content:

1.Accounting–Present and Past
Part 1 Financial Accounting
2.Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts/Principles
3.Fundamental Interpretations Made From Financial Statement Data
4.The Bookkeeping Process and Transaction Analysis
5.Accounting for and Presentation of Current Assets
6.Accounting for and Presentation of Property, Plant and Equipment,and other Noncurrent Assets
7.Accounting for and Presentation of Liabilities
8.Accounting for and Presentation of Stockholders’ Equity
9.The Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows
10.Corporate Governance, Notes to the Financial Statements and Other Disclosures
11.Financial Statement Analysis
Part 2 Managerial Accounting
12.Managerial Accounting and Cost–Volume–Profit Analysis
13.Cost Accounting and Reporting
14.Cost Planning
15.Cost Control
16.Costs for Decision Making
Epilogue: Accounting–The Future
Appendix: Excerpts from 2008 Campbell Soup Company Annual Report

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