Test Bank for Accounting Principles (9th Edition) by Jerry J. Weygandt

By: Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel (University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Donald E. Kieso
ISBN-10: 047031754X
/ ISBN-13: 9780470317549

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Authors: Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel (University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Donald E. Kieso
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Table of content:

Chapter 1: Accounting in Action.
Feature Story: Knowing the Numbers.
What Is Accounting?
The Building Blocks of Accounting.
The Basic Accounting Equation.
Using the Basic Accounting Equation.
Financial Statements.
All About You: Ethics: Managing Personal Financial Reporting.
Appendix: Accounting Career Opportunities.
Chapter 2: The Recording Process.
Feature Story: Accidents Happen.
The Account.
Steps in the Recording Process.
The Recording Process Illustrated.
The Trial Balance.
All About You: Your Personal Annual Report.
Chapter 3: Adjusting the Accounts.
Feature Story: What Was Your Profit?
Timing Issues.
The Basics of Adjusting Entries.
The Adjusted Trial Balance and Financial Statements.
Appendix: Alternative Treatment of Prepaid Expenses and Unearned Revenues.
Chapter 4: Completing the Accounting Cycle.
Feature Story: Everyone Likes to Win.
Using a Worksheet.
Closing the Books.
Summary of the Accounting Cycle.
The Classified Balance Sheet.
All About You: Your Personal Balance Sheet.
Appendix: Reversing Entries.
Chapter 5: Accounting for Merchandising Operations.
Feature Story: Who Doesn’t Shop at Wal-Mart?
Merchandising Operations.
Recording Purchases of Merchandise.
Recording Sales of Merchandise.
Completing the Accounting Cycle.
Forms of Financial Statements.
Appendix 5A: Periodic Inventory System.
Appendix 5B: Worksheet for a Merchandiser.
Chapter 6: Inventories.
Feature Story: Where Is That Spare Bulldozer Blade?
Classifying Inventory.
Determining Inventory Quantities.
Inventory Costing.
Inventory Errors.
Statement Presentation and Analysis.
All About You: Employee Theft—An Inside Job.
Appendix 6A: Inventory Cost Flow Methods in Perpetual Inventory Systems.
Appendix 6B: Estimating Inventories.
Chapter 7: Accounting Information Systems.
Feature Story: QuickBooks® Helps This Retailer Sell Guitars.
Basic Concepts of Accounting Information Systems.
Subsidiary Ledgers.
Special Journals.
Chapter 8: Fraud, Internal Control, and Cash.
Feature Story: Minding the Money in Moose Jaw.
Fraud and Internal Control.
Cash Controls.
Control Features: Use of a Bank.
Reporting Cash.
All About You: Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft.
Chapter 9: Accounting for Receivables.
Feature Story: A Dose of Careful Management Keeps Receivables Healthy.
Types of Receivables.
Accounts Receivable.
Notes Receivable.
Statement Presentation and Analysis.
All About You: Should You Be Carrying Plastic?
Chapter 10: Plant Assets, Natural Resources, and Intangible Assets.
Feature Story: How Much for a Ride to the Beach?
Section 1: Plant Assets.
Determining the Cost of Plant Assets.
Expenditures During Useful Life.
Plant Assets Disposals.
Section 2: Natural Resources.
Section 3: Intangible Assets.
Accounting for Intangible Assets.
Research and Development Costs.
Statement Presentation and Analysis.
All About You: Buying a Wreck of Your Own.
Appendix: Exchange of Plant Assets.
Chapter 11: Current Liabilities and Payroll Accounting.
Feature Story: Financing His Dreams.
Accounting for Current Liabilities.
Contingent Liabilities.
Payroll Accounting.
All About You: Your Boss Wants to Know If You Jogged Today.
Appendix: Additional Fringe Benefits.
Chapter 12: Accounting for Partnerships.
Feature Story: From Trials to Top Ten.
Partnership Form of Organization.
Basic Partnership Accounting.
Liquidation of a Partnership.
Appendix: Admission and Withdrawal of Partners.
Chapter 13: Corporations: Organization and Capital Stock Transactions.
Feature Story: “Have You Driven a Ford Lately?”
The Corporate Form of Organization.
Accounting for Issues of Common Stock.
Accounting for Treasury Stock.
Preferred Stock.
Statement Presentation.
Chapter 14: Corporations: Dividends, Retained Earnings, and Income Reporting.
Feature Story: Owning a Piece of the Action.
Retained Earnings.
Statement Presentation and Analysis.
All About You: Corporations Have Governance Structures—Do You?
Chapter 15: Long-Term Liabilities.
Feature Story: Thanks Goodness for Bankruptcy.
Bond Basics.
Accounting for Bond Issues.
Accounting for Bond Retirements.
Accounting for Other Long-Term Liabilities.
Statement Presentation and Analysis.
Appendix 15A: Present Value Concepts Related to Bond Pricing.
Appendix 15B: Effective-Interest Method of Bond Amortization.
Appendix 15C: Straight-Line Amortization.
Chapter 16: Investments.
Feature Story: “Is There Anything Else We Can Buy?”
Why Corporations Invest.
Accounting for Debt Investments.
Accounting for Stock Investments.
Valuing and Reporting Investments.
Chapter 17: Statement of Cash Flows.
Feature Story: Got Cash?
The Statement of Cash Flows: Usefulness and Format.
Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows—Indirect Method.
Using Cash Flows to Evaluate a Company.
All About You: Where Does the Money Go?
Appendix 17A: Using a Work Sheet to Prepare the Statement of Cash Flows—Indirect Method.
Appendix 17B: Statement of Cash Flows—Direct Method.
Chapter 18: Financial Statement Analysis.
Feature Story: It Pays to Be Patient.
Basics of Financial Statement Analysis.
Horizontal Analysis.
Vertical Analysis.
Ratio Analysis.
Earning Power and Irregular Items.
Quality of Earnings.
Chapter 19: Managerial Accounting.
Feature Story: What a Difference a Day Makes.
Managerial Accounting Basics.
Managerial Cost Concepts.
Manufacturing Costs in Financial Statements.
Managerial Accounting Today.
All About You: Outsourcing and Jobs.
Chapter 20: Job Order Costing.
Feature Story: “…And We’d Like It in Red”.
Cost Accounting Systems.
Job Order Cost Flow.
Reporting Job Cost Data.
Under- or Over applied Manufacturing Overhead.
All About You: Minding Your Own Business.
Chapter 21: Process Costing.
Feature Story: Ben & Jerry’s Tracks Its Mix-Ups.
The Nature of Process Cost Systems.
Equivalent Units.
Comprehensive Example of Process Costing.
Contemporary Developments.
Appendix: Example of Traditional Costing versus Activity-Based Costing.
Chapter 22: Cost-Volume-Profit.
Feature Story: Growing by Leaps and Leotards.
Cost Behavior Analysis.
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.
All About You: A Hybrid Dilemma.
Appendix: Variable Costing.
Chapter 23: Budgetary Planning.
Feature Story: The Next Not Quite.
Budgeting Basics.
Preparing the Operating Budgets.
Preparing the Financial Budgets.
Budgeting in Non-Manufacturing Companies.
All About You: Avoiding Personal Financial Disaster.
Chapter 24: Budgetary Control and Responsibility Accounting.
Feature Story: Trying to Avoid an Electric Shock.
The Concept of Budgetary Control.
Static Budget Reports.
Flexible Budgets.
The Concept of Responsibility Accounting.
Types of Responsibility Centers.
Chapter 25: Standard Costs and Balanced Scorecard.
Feature Story: Highlighting Performance Efficiency.
The Need for Standards.
Setting Standard Costs—A Difficult Task.
Analyzing and Reporting Variances from Standards.
Balanced Scorecard.
Appendix 25A: Standard Cost Accounting System.
Appendix 25B: A Closer Look at Overhead Variances.
Chapter 26: Incremental Analysis and Capital Budgeting.
Feature Story: Soup Is Good Food.
Section 1: Incremental Analysis.
Management’s Decision-Making Process.
Types of Incremental Analysis.
Section 2: Capital Budgeting.
Evaluation Process.
Annual Rate of Return.
Cash Payback.
Discounted Cash Flow.
All About You: What Is a Degree Worth?
Appendix A: Specimen Financial Statements: PepsiCo, Inc.
Appendix B: Specimen Financial Statements: The Coca-Cola Company.
Appendix C: Time Value of Money.
Appendix D: Using Financial Calculators.
Appendix E: Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants.

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