Test Bank for Abnormal Psychology Perspectives (4th Edition) by Philip Firestone

By: David J A Dozois
ISBN-10: 132454440
/ ISBN-13: 9780132454445

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Authors: David J A Dozois
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Table of contents:

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Chapter 1 Concepts of Abnormality Throughout History
David J. A. Dozois University of Western Ontario
Chapter 2 Theoretical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour
David J. A. Dozois / Allison J. Ouimet
Chapter 3 Classification and Diagnosis
David J. A. Dozois/ Peter N.S. Hoaken/ Philip Firestone
Chapter 4 Psychological Assessment and Research Methods
David J. A. Dozois/ Pamela M. Seeds/Philip Firestone
Chapter 5 Anxiety Disorders
David J. A. Dozois Paul A. Frewen/Roger Covin
Chapter 6 Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders
Rod A. Martin* /Phil Firestone University Western Ontario
Chapter 7 Psychophysiological Disorders
Kenneth M. Prkachin/Glenda C. Prkachin
Chapter 8 Mood Disorders and Suicide
Kate Harkness* Queens University
Chapter 9 Schizophrenia
R. Walter Heinrichs/ Ashley Miles/ Narmeen Ammari
Chapter 10 Eating Disorders
Kathryn Trottier/ Jennifer Coelho/Janet Polivy
Chapter 11 Substance-Related Disorders
David Hodgins/Terri-Lynn Mackay
Chapter 12 The Personality Disorders
Stephen Porter /Marcus Juodis/ Philip Firestone
Chapter 13 Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Philip Firestone/Drew A. Kingston
Chapter 14 Developmental Disorders
Patricia M. Minnes/Marjory L. Phillips
Chapter 15 Behaviour and Emotional Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
Tracy Vaillancourt* University of Ottawa / Khrista Boylan* McMaster University
Chapter 16 Mental Disorders and Aging
Corey S. Mackenzie/V. Jane Knox /William L. Gekoski
Chapter 17 Therapies
John Hunsley/Catherine M. Lee
Chapter 18 Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in the Community
Geoffrey Nelson /Isaac Prilleltensky/Julian Hasford
Chapter 19 Mental Disorder and the Law
Stephen D. Hart /Ronald Roesch


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