Test Bank for A History of Psychology From Antiquity to Modernity (7th Edition) by Thomas Hardy Leahey

By: Thomas Hardy Leahey
ISBN-10: 132438496
/ ISBN-13: 9780132438490

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Authors: Thomas Hardy Leahey
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Table of contents:

Introductory Essay
Chapter 1: Science, History, and Psychology
UnitI. Background.
Chapter 2: The Legacy of Ancient Greece EEA – 323 BCE
Chapter 3: Antiquity 323 BCE – 1000 CE
Unit I Bibliography
Unit II. Constructing the Modern World.
Chapter 4: The Premodern world 1000 CE – 1600
Chapter 5: The Scientific Revolution 1600 – 1700
Chapter 6: The Enlightenment 1700 – 1815
Chapter 7: The Ascent of Science 1815 – 1914
Unit II Bibliography
Unit III. Founding Psychology
Chapter 8: The Psychology of Consciousness
Chapter 9: The Psychology of the Unconscious
Chapter 10: The Psychology of Adaptation
Unit IV. Psychological Science in the Modern World
Chapter 11: Behaviorism 1892-1956
Chapter 12: Cognitive Science 1956 – 2000
Unit IV Bibliography
Unit V. Applied Psychology in the Modern World
Chapter 13: The Rise of Applied Psychology 1892-1939
Chapter 14: The Psychological Society 1940-2000
Unit V Bibliography
Concluding Thoughts

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