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Test Bank for The Personality Puzzle, 7th Edition, David C. Funder

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Test Bank for The Personality Puzzle, 7/e, Funder

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Product Description

Test Bank for The Personality Puzzle, 7th Edition, David C. Funder, ISBN: 978-0-393-26514-9, ISBN: 9780393265149

Chapter 1: The Study of the Person

Part I: The Science of Personality: Methods and Assessment
Chapter 2: Personality Research Methods
Chapter 3: Assessment, Effect Size, and Ethics

Part II: How People Differ: The Trait Approach
Chapter 4: Personality Traits, Situations, and Behavior
Chapter 5: Personality Judgment
Chapter 6: Using Personality Traits to Understand Behavior
Chapter 7: Personality Stability, Development, and Change

Part III: The Mind and the Body: Biological Approaches to Personality
Chapter 8: The Anatomy and Physiology of Personality
Chapter 9: The Inheritance of Personality: Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology

Part IV: The Hidden World of the Mind: The Psychoanalytic Approach
Chapter 10: Basics of Psychoanalysis
Chapter 11: Psychoanalysis After Freud: Neo-Freudians, Object Relations, and Current Research

Part V: Experience and Awareness: Humanistic and Cross-Cultural Psychology
Chapter 12: Experience, Existence, and the Meaning of Life: Humanistic and Positive Psychology
Chapter 13: Cultural Variation in Experience, Behavior, and Personality

Part VI: What Personality Does: Learning, Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing
Chapter 14: Learning to Be a Person: Behaviorism and the Social Learning Theories
Chapter 15: Personality Processes: Perception, Thought, Motivation, and Emotion
Chapter 16: The Self: What You Know About You
Chapter 17: Personality, Mental Health, and Physical Health


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