Download Test Bank for The Enjoyment of Music, 12th Edition, Kristine Forney, Andrew Dell’Antonio, Joseph Machlis |

Test Bank for The Enjoyment of Music, 12th Edition, Kristine Forney, Andrew Dell’Antonio, Joseph Machlis

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Test Bank for The Enjoyment of Music, 12/e, Forney

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Product Description

Test Bank for The Enjoyment of Music, 12th Edition, Kristine Forney, Andrew Dell’Antonio, Joseph Machlis, ISBN: 978-0-393-93637-7, ISBN: 9780393936377

Part 1. The Materials of Music
Prelude 1: Listening to Music Today
1. Melody: Musical Line
2. Rhythm and Meter: Musical Time
3. Harmony: Musical Depth
4. The Organization of Musical Sounds
5. Musical Texture
6. Musical Form
7. Musical Expression: Tempo and Dynamics
8. Music and Words
9. Voices and Instrument Families
10. Western Musical Instruments
11. Musical Ensembles
12. Style and Function of Music in Society

Part 2: Medieval and Renaissance Music
Prelude 2: The Culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
13. Listening to the Dove: Medieval Sacred Music
14. Courtiers and Carols: Medieval Secular Music
15. Textures of Prayer: Renaissance Sacred Music
16. Singing in Friendship: Renaissance Secular Vocal Music
17. Ceremony and Dance: Renaissance Instrumental music

Part 2: The Baroque Era
Prelude 3: The Baroque Spirit
18. Drama through Music: Baroque Opera
19. Glorious Worship: Baroque Liturgical Music
20. Collective Praise: Baroque Devotional Music
21. Form and Process: Baroque Chamber Music
22. Grace and Grandeur: The Baroque Suite
23. Contrasts and Combinations: The Baroque Concerto

Part 4: Eighteenth-Century Classicism
Prelude 4: Classicism in the Arts
24. Form as Meaning: Classical Forms
25. Musical Conversations: Classical Chamber Music
26. The Ultimate Instrument: The Classical Symphony
27. Conversation with a Leader: The Classical Concerto
28. Voicing Classicism: Choral Music and Opera

Part 5: The Romantic Era
Prelude 5: The Spirit of Romanticism
29. Musical Readings: early Romantic Art Song
30. Dancing at the Keyboard: Romantic Piano Miniatures
31. Piano Center Stage: Larger Piano and Chamber Works
32. Crossing the Atlantic: Nineteenth-century American Traditions
33. Personal Soundtracks: Romantic Program Music
34. Absolutely Classic: The Romantic Symphony and Concerto
35. Multimedia Hits and Total Art: National Styles of Romantic Opera
36. Foreign Allure: Opera and Exoticism
37. End of an Era: Late Romantic and Post-Romantic Traditions
38. Images and Symbols: Impressionists and Post-Impressionists

Part 6: Twentieth-Century Modernism
Prelude 6: Making Music Modern
39. Calculated Shock: European Modernists
40. Chaos into Order: The Second Viennese School
41. New World Order: American Modernists
42. Sounds American: Nationalism in the Americas
43. Classic Rethinking: Nationalism in Europe

Part 7: Music Beyond the Concert Hall
Prelude 7: The Rise of American Popular Styles
44. A Good Beat: March and Ragtime
45. American Intersections: Jazz and Blues
46. Staged Sentiment: American Musical Theater
47. Underscoring Meaning: Music for Film
48. On the Charts: Rock in the Kaleidoscope of Commercial Music

Part 8: Postmodernism: The Twentieth Century and Beyond
Prelude 8: New Directions in the Arts
49. Posthuman Possibilities: Music and Technology
50. Expanded Sound Palettes: The New Virtuosity in Europe
51. Extended Techniques: The New Virtuosity in America
52. Reflective Evocations: Neo-Romanticism in the Twenty-First Century
53. Less Is More: Contemporary Minimalist Trends