Solutions Manual for Advanced Engineering Mathematics, (3rd Edition) by Dennis G. Zill, Michael R. Cullen

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    Table of contents:

    Part One: Ordinary Differential Equations
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Differential Equations
    Chapter 2: First-Order Differential Equations
    Chapter 3: Higher-Order Differential Equations
    Chapter 4: The Laplace Transform
    Chapter 5: Series Solutions of Linear Differential Equations
    Chapter 6: Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

    Part Two: Vectors, Matrices, and Vector Calculus
    Chapter 7: Vectors
    Chapter 8: Matrices
    Chapter 9: Vector Calculus

    Part Three: Systems of Differential Equations
    Chapter 10: Systems of Linear Differential Equations
    Chapter 11: Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations

    Part Four: Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations
    Chapter 12: Orthogonal Functions and Fourier Series
    Chapter 13: Boundary-Value Problems in Rectangular Coordinates
    Chapter 14: Boundary-Value Problems in Other Coordinate Systems
    Chapter 15: Integral Transform Method
    Chapter 16: Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations

    Part Five: Complex Analysis
    Chapter 17: Functions of a Complex Variable
    Chapter 18: Integration in the Complex Plane
    Chapter 19: Series and Residues
    Chapter 20: Conformal Mappings and Applications

    I Some Derivative and Integral Formulas
    II Gamma Function
    III Table of Laplace Transforms
    IV Conformal Mappings


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