Solution Manual for Managerial Accounting 6th Edition by Jiambalvo

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    Table of Contents

    Chap 1. Managerial Accounting in the Information Age
    Chap 2. Job Order Costing for Manufacturing and Service Companies
    Chap 3. Process Costing
    Chap 4. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    Chap 5. Variable Costing
    Chap 6. Cost Allocation and Activity-Based Costing
    Chap 7. The Use of Cost Information in Management Decision Making
    Chap 8. Pricing Decisions, Customer Profitability Analysis, and Activity-Based Pricing
    Chap 9. Capital Budgeting and Other Long-Run Decisions
    Chap 10. Budgetary Planning and Control
    Chap 11. Standard Costs and Variance Analysis
    Chap 12. Decentralization and Performance Evaluation
    Chap 13. Statement of Cash Flows
    Chap 14. Analyzing Financial Statements: A Managerial Perspective


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