Solution Manual for Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment (8th Edition)

By: Karen Wilken Braun
ISBN-10: 0073526924
/ ISBN-13: 9780073526928

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Authors: Karen Wilken Braun
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Table of content:

Part I. Fundamentals and Cost-Accumulation Systems
1. Managerial Accounting: An Overview
2. Basic Cost Terms and Concepts
3. Job-Order Costing Systems
4. Process Costing and Hybrid Product-Costing Systems
Part II. Cost Management Systems, Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management
5. Activity-Based Costing and Cost Management Systems
6. Activity-Based Management and the New Manufacturing Environment
Part III. Planning and Control Systems
7. Activity Analysis, Cost Behavior and Estimation
8. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
9. Budgeting: Profit Planning and Control Systems
10. Standard Costing and Performance Measures for the New Manufacturing Environment
11. Flexible Budgets and Overhead Cost Control
12. Responsibility Accounting and Total Quality Management
13. Investment Centers and Transfer Pricing
Part IV. Using Accounting Information in Making Decisions
14. Decision Making: Relevant Costs and Benefits
15. Cost Analysis and Pricing Decisions
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