Solution Manual for Laboratory Manual for Principles of General Chemistry 10e By Jo Allan Beran

By: Jo Allan Beran
ISBN-10: 1118621514
/ ISBN-13: 9781118621516

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Authors: Jo Allan Beran
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Table of contents:

Preface iii
Laboratory Safety and Guidelines 1
Data Documentation 5
Data Analysis 9
Laboratory Techniques 17
A. Introduction
Dry Lab 1 The Laboratory and SI 43
Experiment 1 Basic Laboratory Operations 51
B. Chemical and Physical Properties
Experiment 2 Identification of a Compound: Chemical Properties 59
Experiment 3 Water Analysis: Solids 67
Experiment 4 Paper Chromatography 75
Experiment 5 Percent Water in a Hydrated Salt 85
Dry Lab 2A Inorganic Nomenclature I. Oxidation Numbers 91
Dry Lab 2B Inorganic Nomenclature II. Binary Compounds 94
Dry Lab 2C Inorganic Nomenclature III. Ternary Compounds 98
Experiment 6 Acids, Bases, and Salts, 103
C. Mole Concept
Experiment 7 Empirical Formulas 115
Experiment 8 Limiting Reactant 123
Experiment 9 A Volumetric Analysis 133
Experiment 10 Vinegar Analysis 143
D. Atomic and Molecular Structure
Experiment 11 Periodic Table and Periodic Law 149
Dry Lab 3 Atomic and Molecular Structure 161
E. Gases
Experiment 12 Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid 173
Experiment 13 A Carbonate Analysis; Molar Volume of Carbon Dioxide 181
F. Solutions
Experiment 14 Molar Mass of a Solid 189
Experiment 15 Synthesis of Potassium Alum 199
G. Acid-Base Equilibria and Analysis
Experiment 16 LeChâtelier’s Principle; Buffers 207
Experiment 17 Antacid Analysis 219
Experiment 18 Potentiometric Analyses 227
Experiment 19 Aspirin Synthesis and Analysis 237
Experiment 20 Alkalinity of a Water Resource 245
Experiment 21 Hard Water Analysis 255
Experiment 22 Molar Solubility, Common-Ion Effect 263
H. Kinetics
Experiment 23 Factors Affecting Reaction Rates 271
Experiment 24 A Rate Law and Activation Energy 281
I. Thermodynamics
Experiment 25 Calorimetry 293
Experiment 26 Thermodynamics of the Dissolution of Borax 305
J. Oxidation-Reduction Systems and Analysis
Experiment 27 Oxidation–Reduction Reactions 315
Experiment 28 Chemistry of Copper 323
Experiment 29 Bleach Analysis 331
Experiment 30 Vitamin C Analysis 341
Experiment 31 Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Natural Waters 349
Experiment 32 Galvanic Cells, the Nernst Equation 357
Experiment 33 Electrolytic Cells, Avogadro’s Number 369
K. Transition Metal Systems and Analysis
Experiment 34 An Equilibrium Constant 377
Experiment 35 Spectrophotometric Metal Ion Analysis 389
Experiment 36 Transition Metal Complexes 397
L. Qualitative Analysis
Dry Lab 4 Preface to Qualitative Analysis 409
Experiment 37 Qual: Common Anions 413
Experiment 38 Qual I. Na+, K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cu2+ 423
Experiment 39 Qual II. Ni2+, Fe3+, Al3+, Zn2+ 433
Appendix A Conversion Factors 441
Appendix B Familiar Names of Common Chemicals 442
Appendix C Vapor Pressure of Water 444
Appendix D Concentrations of Acids and Bases 445
Appendix E Water Solubility of Inorganic Salts 446


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