Solution Manual for Finite Mathematics and Calculus with Applications (8th Edition) by Margaret Lial

By: Margaret Lial, Raymond N. Greenwell, Nathan P. Ritchey
ISBN-10: 0321426517
/ ISBN-13: 9780321426512

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Authors: Margaret Lial, Raymond N. Greenwell, Nathan P. Ritchey
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Table of contents:

Chapter R: Algebra Reference (shared with FM, CWA, and Brief)
R-1 Polynomials
R-2 Factoring
R-3 Rational Expressions
R-4 Equations
R-5 Inequalities
R-6 Exponents
R-7 Radicals
Chapter 1: Linear Functions (shared with FM, CWA, and Brief)
1-1 Slopes and Equations of Lines
1-2 Linear Functions and Applications
1-3 The Least Squares Line
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Using Extrapolation to Predict Life Expectancy
Chapter 2: Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices (FM)
2-1 Solution of Linear Systems by the Echelon Method
2-2 Solution of Linear Systems by the Gauss-Jordan Method
2-3 Addition and Subtraction of Matrices
2-4 Multiplication of Matrices
2-5 Matrix Inverses
2-6 Input-Output Models
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Contagion
Chapter 3: Linear Programming: The Graphical Method (FM)
3-1 Graphing Linear Inequalities
3-2 Solving Linear Programming Problems Graphically
3-3 Applications of Linear Programming
Chapter Review
Chapter 4: Linear Programming: The Simplex Method (FM)
4-1 Slack Variables and the Pivot
4-2 Maximization Problems
4-3 Minimization Problems; Duality
4-4 Nonstandard Problems
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Using Integer Programming in the Stock-Cutting Problem
Chapter 5: Mathematics of Finance (FM)
5-1 Simple and Compound Interest
5-2 Future Value of an Annuity
5-3 Present Value of an Annuity; Amortization
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Time, Money, and Polynomials
Chapter 6: Logic (FM)
6-1 Statements
6-2 Truth Tables and Equivalent Statements
6-3 The Conditional and Circuits
6-4 More on the Conditional
6-5 Analyzing Arguments and Proofs
6-6 Analyzing Arguments with Quantifiers
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Logic Puzzles
Chapter 7: Sets and Probability (FM)
7-1 Sets
7-2 Applications of Venn Diagrams
7-3 Introduction to Probability
7-4 Basic Concepts of Probability
7-5 Conditional Probability; Independent Events
7-6 Bayes’ Theorem
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Medical Diagnosis
Chapter 8: Counting Principles: Further Probability Topics (FM)
8-1 The Multiplication Principle; Permutations
8-2 Combinations
8-3 Probability Applications of Counting Principles
8-4 Binomial Probability
8-5 Probability Distributions; Expected Value
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Optimal Inventory for a Service Truck
Chapter 9: Statistics (FM)
9-1 Frequency Distributions; Measures of Central Tendency
9-2 Measures of Variation
9-3 The Normal Distribution
9-4 Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Statistics in the Law – The Castaneda Decision
Chapter 10: Nonlinear Functions (Chapter 2 of CWA)
10-1 Properties of Functions
10-2 Quadratic Functions; Translation and Reflection
10-3 Polynomial and Rational Functions
10-4 Exponential Functions
10-5 Logarithmic Functions
10-6 Applications: Growth and Decay; Mathematics of Finance
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Characteristics of the Monkeyface Prickleback
Chapter 11: The Derivative (Chapter 3 of CWA)
11-1 Limits
11-2 Continuity
11-3 Rates of Change
11-4 Definition of the Derivative
11-5 Graphical Differentiation
Chapter Review
Extended Application: A Model for Drugs Administered Intravenously (new)
Chapter 12: Calculating the Derivative (Chapter 4 of CWA)
12-1 Techniques for Finding Derivatives
12-2 Derivatives of Products and Quotients
12-3 The Chain Rule
12-4 Derivatives of Exponential Functions
12-5 Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Electric Potential and Electric Field (new)
Chapter 13: Graphs and the Derivative (Chapter 5 of CWA)
13-1 Increasing and Decreasing Functions
13-2 Relative Extrema
13-3 Higher Derivatives, Concavity, and the Second Derivative Test
13-4 Curve Sketching
Chapter Review
Extended Application: A Drug Concentration Model for Orally Administered
Medications (new)
Chapter 14: Applications of the Derivative (Chapter 6 of CWA)
14-1 Absolute Extrema
14-2 Applications of Extrema
14-3 Further Business Applications: Economic Lot Size; Economic Order Quantity; Elasticity of Demand
14-4 Implicit Differentiation
14-5 Related Rates
14-6 Differentials: Linear Approximation
Chapter Review
Extended Application: A Total Cost Model for a Training Program
Chapter 15: Integration (Chapter 7 of CWA)
15-1 Antiderivatives
15-2 Substitution
15-3 Area and the Definite Integral
15-4 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
15-5 The Area Between Two Curves
15-6 Numerical Integration
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Estimating Depletion Dates for Minerals
Chapter 16: Further Techniques and Applications of Integration (Chapter 8 of CWA)
16-1 Integration by Parts
16-2 Volume and Average Value
16-3 Continuous Money Flow
16-4 Improper Integrals
16-5 Solutions of Elementary and Separable Differential Equations (Section 10.1 of CWA)
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Estimating Learning Curves in Manufacturing with Integrals
Chapter 17: Multivariable Calculus (Chapter 9 of CWA)
17-1 Functions of Several Variables
17-2 Partial Derivatives
17-3 Maxima and Minima
17-4 Lagrange Multipliers
17-5 Total Differentials and Approximations
17-6 Double Integrals
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Using Multivariable Fitting to Create a Response Surface Design
Chapter 18: Probability and Calculus (Chapter 11 of CWA)
18-1 Continuous Probability Models
18-2 Expected Value and Variance of Continuous Random Variables
18-3 Special Probability Density Functions
Chapter Review
Extended Application: Exponential Waiting Times
Table 1 Formulas of/from Geometry
Table 2 Area Under a Normal Curve
Table 3 Integrals
Answers to Selected Exercises
Photo Acknowledgements

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