Principles and Applications of Assessment in Counseling (5th Edition) by Susan C. Whiston -Test Bank

By: Susan C. Whiston
ISBN-10: 1305271483
/ ISBN-13: 9781305271487

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Authors: Susan C. Whiston
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Table of contents:

1. Assessment in Counseling.
2. Basic Assessment Principles.
3. Reliability.
4. Validity and Item Analysis.
5. Ethical and Legal Issues in Assessment.
6. Issues Related to Assessment with Diverse Populations.
7. Selecting, Administering, Scoring, and Communicating Assessment Results.
8. Initial Assessment in Counseling.
9. Intelligence and General Ability Testing.
10. Assessing Achievement and Aptitude: Applications for Counseling.
11. Assessment in Career Counseling.
12. Appraisal of Personality.
13. Behavioral Assessment.
14. Assessment in Marriage and Family Counseling.
15. Diagnosis.
16. Monitoring and Evaluating Counseling.
Appendix A: Section E, ACA Code of Ethics.
Appendix B: z scores.
Appendix C: Standards for Multicultural Assessment, Fourth Revision, 2012.

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