Test Bank for Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians 9e by Stephen L. Herman

By: Stephen Herman
ISBN-10: 1111313474
/ ISBN-13: 9781111313470

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Authors: Stephen Herman
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Table of Contents

1. Addition of Whole Numbers.
2. Subtraction of Whole Numbers.
3. Multiplication of Whole Numbers.
4. Division of Whole Numbers.
5. Combined Operations with Whole Numbers.
6. Addition of Common Fractions.
7. Subtraction of Common Fractions.
8. Multiplication of Common Fractions.
9. Division of Common Fractions.
10. Combined Operations with Common Fractions.
11. Addition of Decimal Fractions.
12. Subtractions of Decimal Fractions.
13. Multiplications of Decimal Fractions.
14. Division of Decimal Fractions.
15. Decimal and Common Fraction Equivalents.
16. Combined Operations with Decimal Fractions.
17. Percent and Percentage
18. Interest
19. Discount.
20. Averages and Estimates.
21. Combined Problems on Percents, Averages, and Estimates.
22. Power.
23. Roots.
24. Combined Operations with Powers and Roots.
25. Metric Measure and Scientific Notation.
26. Length Measure.
27. Area Measure.
28. Volume and Mass Measure.
29. Energy and Temperature Measure.
30. Combined Problems on Measure.
31. Ratio.
32. Proportion.
33. Combined Operations with Ratio And Proportion.
34. Representations in Formulas.
35. Rearrangement in Formulas.
36. General Simple Formulas.
37. Ohms Law Formulas.
38. Power Formulas.
39. Combined Problems on Formulas.
40. Right Triangles.
41. Trigonometric Functions.
42. Plane Vectors
43. Rotating Vectors.
44. Combined Problems in Trigonometry.
45. Number Systems.


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