Nursing Today Transition and Trends 8th Edition, JoAnn Zerwekh by JoAnn Zerwekh

By: JoAnn Zerwekh
ISBN-10: 1455732036
/ ISBN-13: 9781455732036

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Authors: JoAnn Zerwekh
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Table of content:

Unit I: Professional Growth and Transition
1. Role Transitions
2. Personal Management: Time and Self-Care Strategies
3. Mentorship, Preceptorship, and Nurse Residency Programs

Unit II: Career Development
4. Employment Considerations: Opportunities, Resumes and Interviewing
5. NCLEX-RN Examination and the New Graduate

Unit III: Nursing: A Developing Profession
6. Historical Perspectives: Influences of the Past
7. Nursing Education
8. Nursing Theories
9. Image of Nursing: Influences of the Present

Unit IV: Nursing Management
10. Challenges of Nursing Management
11. Building Nursing Management Skills
12. Effective Communication and Team Building
13. Conflict Management
14. Delegation in the Clinical Setting

Unit V: Current Issues in Health Care
15. The Health Care Organization and Patterns of Nursing Care Delivery
16. Economics in the Health Care Delivery System
17. Political Action in Nursing
18. Collective Bargaining: Traditional (Union) and Non-Traditional Approaches
19. Ethical Issues 20. Legal Issues

Unit VI: Contemporary Nursing Practice
21. Cultural and Spiritual Awareness
22. Quality Client Care
23. Nursing Informatics
24. Using Nursing Research in Practice
25. Workplace Issues 26. Emergency Preparedness

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