Test Bank for Nursing: A Concept–Based Approach to Learning, Volume 2 (1st Edition) by Pearson Education Staff

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/ ISBN-13: 9780135103517

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Table of contents:

CONCEPT 32 Assessment
About Assessment
Holistic Health Assessment Across the Life Span
Normal and Abnormal Assessment
CONCEPT 33 Caring Intervention
About Caring Intervention
CONCEPT 34 Clinical Decision Making
About Clinical Decision Making
Nursing Process
Critical Thinking
CONCEPT 35 Collaboration
About Collaboration
Case Management
Chain of Command
Conflict Resolution
Interdisciplinary Teams and Communication
Management Theories
CONCEPT 36 Communication
About Communication
Assertive Communication
Therapeutic Communication
CONCEPT 37 Managing Care
About Managing Care
Care Coordination
Cost-effective Care
CONCEPT 38 Professional Behaviors
About Professional Behaviors
Commitment to Profession
Leadership Principles
Work Ethics
CONCEPT 39 Teaching and Learning
About Teaching and Learning
Client Educator
Staff Education
CONCEPT 40 Accountability
About Accountability
Professional Development
CONCEPT 41 Advocacy
About Advocacy
Protecting Vulnerable Populations
CONCEPT 42 Ethics
About Ethics
Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical Principles
Patient Rights
CONCEPT 43 Evidence-Based Practice
About Evidence-Based Practice
Best Practices
Develop a Question
Individual Preferences
CONCEPT 44- Health Care Systems
About Health Care Systems
Access to Healthcare
Allocation of Resources
Nursing Care Delivery Systems
CONCEPT 45 Health Policy
About Health Policy
Accrediting Bodies
Professional Organizations
Regulatory Agencies
Types of Reimbursement
CONCEPT 46 Informatics
About Informatics
Clinical Decision Support Systems
Computer-Based Reminder Systems
Computers in Health Organizations
Individual Information at Point of Care
CONCEPT 47 Legal Issues
About Legal Issues
Advance Directives
Mandatory Reporting
Nursing Practice Act
Risk Management
Whistle Blowing
CONCEPT 48 Quality Improvement
About Quality Improvement
Breech in Care
Root Cause Study
Sentinel Events
CONCEPT 49 Safety
About Safety
Anticipatory Guidance
Environmental Safety
Hand-off Communication
Injury and Illness Prevention
National Patient Safety Goals
Responsible Sexual Behavior
Standard Precautions

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