Test Bank for Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Duxbury Classic) (2nd Edition) by Lee J. Bain

By: Lee J. Bain , Max Engelhardt
ISBN-10: 534380204
/ ISBN-13: 9780534380205

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Authors: Lee J. Bain , Max Engelhardt
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Table of content:

1. Probability 2. Random Variables and Their Distributions 3. Special Probability Distributions 4. Joint Distributions 5. Properties of Random Variables 6. Functions of Random Variables 7. Limiting Distributions 8. Statistics and Sampling Distributions 9. Point Estimation 10. Sufficiency and Completeness 11. Interval Estimation 12. Tests of Hypotheses 13. Contingency Tables and Goodness-of-Fit 14. Nonparametric Methods 15. Regression and Linear Models (Optional) 16. Reliability and Survival Distributions (Optional)

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