Testbank for Exploring Chemistry Laboratory Experiments in General, Organic and Biological Chemistry (2nd Edition)

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    Table of content:

    Experiment 1. Safety and Laboratory Procedures in the General Chemistry Lab.
    Experiment 2. Lab Measurements and Graphing: The Study of a Combustion Reaction.
    Experiment 3. Physical Properties of Inorganic Substances: Solubility, Boiling Point, and Density.
    Experiment 4. Specific Heat.
    Experiment 5. Names and Formulas of Chemical Compounds.
    Experiment 6. Lewis Dot Structure and Molecular Models.
    Experiment 7. Chemical Reactions and Their Classifications.
    Experiment 8. Electrolytic Solution and Net Ionic Equations.
    Experiment 9. Equilibrium Systems.
    Experiment 10. Collection and Measurement of Hydrogen Gas.
    Experiment 11. Solution Chemistry on the Aqueous Level.
    Experiment 12. Formulas of Hydrates.
    Experiment 13. Acids, Bases, pH and Indicators.
    Experiment 14. Acid Rain and Natural Buffers.
    Experiment 15. Spectrophotometry and the Determination of Iron in Water.
    Experiment 16. Determination of Vitamin C in Beverages.
    Experiment 17. Laboratory Safety in the Organic Lab.
    Experiment 18. Hydrocarbons. The Study of Nomenclature, Structure, and Isomers.
    Experiment 19. Reactivity of Hydrocarbons.
    Experiment 20. Physical Properties of Organic Compounds.
    Experiment 21. Polymers: A Study of Polystyrene.
    Experiment 22. Classification and Recycling of Plastics.
    Experiment 23. Alcohols and Phenols.
    Experiment 24. Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids.
    Experiment 25. Analgesics and Thin-Layer Chromatography.
    Experiment 26. Synthesis of Aspirin.
    Experiment 27. Amino Acids and Proteins.
    Experiment 28. Aspartame. The Study of a Special Dipeptide.
    Experiment 29. Enzymes: Catalase, Pancreatin, and Amylase.
    Experiment 30. Carbohydrates.
    Experiment 31. Soaps and Detergents.
    Experiment 32. Analysis of Fats in the Diet. Isolation of Fat and Olestra in Foods.
    Experiment 33. How Many Carotenoids are in Carrots?
    Experiment 34. Natural vs. Synthetic Food Colorings. A Comparison of Properties.


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