Dental Instruments: A Pocket Guide, 6e (Test Bank) by Linda Bartolomucci Boyd

By: Linda Bartolomucci Boyd
ISBN-10: 0323474055
/ ISBN-13: 9780323474054

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Authors: Linda Bartolomucci Boyd
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Table of contents:

Basic Dental Instruments
2. Enamel Cutting Instruments
3. Local Anesthetic Syringe/Components and Nitrous Oxide Sedation
4. Evacuation Devices, Air/Water Syringe Tip, and Dental Unit
5. Dental Handpieces
6. Burs and Rotary Attachments for Handpieces
7. Dental Dam Instruments
8. Amalgam Restorative Instruments
9. Composite Restorative Instruments
10. Crown and Bridge Restorative Instruments
11. Endodontic Instruments
12. Hygiene Instruments
13. Preventive and Sealing Instruments and Bleaching Trays
14. Orthodontic Instruments
15. Universal Surgical Instruments
16. Periodontal Instruments and Periodontal Surgical Instruments
17. Oral Surgery Extraction Instruments
18. Sterilization Equipment
19. Dental Materials Equipment
20. Dental Imaging and Diagnostic Equipment
21. Vital Signs and Beyond


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