Testbank for Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures (1st Edition) by Hamid R. Shafie

By: Hamid R. Shafie
ISBN-10: 813808812
/ ISBN-13: 9780813808819

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Authors: Hamid R. Shafie
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Table of contents:

Dennis Tarnow
Zhimon Jacobson
Hamid Shafie
1 Patient Preferences Expectations, 3
Hamid Shafie
2 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, 11
Hamid Shafie
3 Surgical Guide and Diagnostic Stent, 24
Hamid Shafie, Wolfram Stein, and Amir Juzbasic
4 Principles of Attachment Selection, 31
Hamid Shafie
5 Stud Attachments, 37
Hamid Shafie and James Ellison
6 Bar Attachments, 63
Hamid Shafie and James Ellison
7 Spark Erosion, 85
Hamid Shafie, Eduard Eisenmann, and Gunter Rubeling
8 Success with Implant Overdenture, 104
Hamid Shafie
9 Occlusion and Implant-Supported Overdenture, 112
Hamid Shafie and Frank Luaciello
10 Surgical Considerations for Implant Overdenture, 132
Richard Green, George Obeid, Eskow, and Hamid Shafie
11 Straumann Implant System, 153
Hamid Shafie
12 Endopore Dental Implant System, 161
Hamid Shafie
13 Overdenture Implants, 168
Hamid Shafie
14 Loading Approaches for Mandibular Implant Overdentures, 192
Dittmar May, George Romanos, and Hamid Shafie
15 Clinical Applications for the Measurement of Implant Stability Using Osstell Mentor, 206
Hamid Shafie and Neil Meredith
16 Follow Up and Maintenance of the Implant Overdenture, 210
Robert Eskow, Valerie Sternberg Smith and Roy Eskow
17 Core Principles of the Successful Implant Practice, 216
Sean Crabtree, Paul Homoly, Andress Charalabous, Peter Warkentin, and Kornelius Warkentin
INDEX, 233

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