Testbank for International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases (9th Edition) by Helen Deresky

By: Helen Deresky
ISBN-10: 134376048
/ ISBN-13: 9780134376042

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Authors: Helen Deresky
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Table of Contents

Part 1: The Global Manager’s Environment
1. Assessing the Environment: Political, Economic, Legal, Technological
2. Managing Interdependence: Social Responsibility, Ethics, Sustainability
Comprehensive Cases
NEW! Case 1 Facebook’s Initiative: Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid? (several countries)
Case 2 An Ethics Role-Playing Case: Stockholders versus Stakeholders (Global/Sri Lanka)
Part 2: The Cultural Context of Global Management
3. Understanding the Role of Culture
4. Communicating Across Cultures
5. Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Decision Making
Comprehensive Cases
NEW! Case 3 Vodafone in Egypt: National Crises and Their Implications for Multinational Corporations (Egypt)
NEW! Case 4 Hailing a New Era: Haier in Japan (China/Japan)
Part 3: Formulating and Implementing Strategy for International and Global Operations
6. Formulating Strategy
7. Implementing Strategy: Strategic Alliances, Small Businesses, Emerging Economy Firms
8. Organization Structure and Control Systems
Comprehensive Cases
NEW! Case 5 A libaba versus Tencent: The Battle for China’s M-Commerce Space (China/Global)
NEW! Case 6 Business Model and Competitive Strategy of IKEA in India (India)
NEW! Case 7 Wal-Mart in Africa (Africa)
NEW! Case 8 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (2015): From an Alliance to a Cross-Border Merger (Global)
Part 4: Global Human Resources Management
9. Staffing, Training, and Compensation for Global Operations
10. Developing a Global Management Cadre
11. Motivating and Leading
Comprehensive Cases
NEW! Case 9 Leading Across Cultures at Michelin (France/US)
NEW! Case 10 Ethical Leadership: Ratan Tata and India’s Tata Group (Global)
Integrative Section
Integrative Term Project
NEW! Integrative Case: Case 11 IKEA in Russia: Emerging Market Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas (Russia)
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