Test Bank for Applied Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition by Ben Noble, James W. Daniel

By: Ben Noble , James W. Daniel
ISBN-10: 130412600
/ ISBN-13: 9780130412607

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Authors: Ben Noble , James W. Daniel
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Table of contents:

1. Matrix Algebra.
2. Some Simple Applications and Questions.
3. Solving Equations and Finding Inverses: Methods.
4. Solving Equations and Finding Inverses: Theory.
5. Vectors and Vector Spaces.
6. Introduction; Geometrical Vectors.
7. Linear Transformations and Matrices.
8. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: An Overview.
9. Eigensystems of Symmetric Hermitian, and Normal Matrices, with Applications.
10. Eigensystems of General Matrices, with Applications.
11. Quadratic Forms and Variational Characterizations of Eigenvalues.
12. Linear Programming.
Answers and Aids to Selected Problems.

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