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To get the purchased product you can simply log into your account with your e-mail and password that you have chosen from the checkout page.Under my account section click on Downloads link and then you will get the attached downloadable file you have purchased.We do also send the file as an attachment to your e-mail address.
to open the purchased product you will need Adobe PDF reader or any other similar reader in order to view/open/read/ your product. You may also need Microsft Word to open Doc files format. in case the product you have purchased has many files and chapters we zip it all into one easy download package and then e-mail you the link, or download/view your files from your account directly.
We have two type of electronic products which are Testbanks and solution manuals.
A Test Bank is a collection of prepared questions and answers for a certain textbook that could be made when making an exam. It might include multiple choice questions, true and false questions, short answers or sometimes essay questions, etc..