10 tricks and Tips on how to memorize information quickly and effectively
10 tricks and Tips on how to memorize information quickly and effectively

10 tricks and Tips on how to memorize information quickly and effectively

Each person has a different way of studying depending on the conceptual basis that you have implemented and your capacity of memorizing the information and notes. Today I m going to share with you top 10 tips that can help you better studying and be remembering information quickly and easily


1) Visualization


You can visualize the information you want to memorize and tie it with an image which you can remember and has relation to the exact information you want to keep in your mind.


2) The memorization


read loudly the information you want to memorize many times until you get into your brain, this method works better with arbitrary information and based on real events, since you can imagine a situation and remember it by repeating it or seeing it so many times.


3) Interconnection


Grab two ideas and think about how they might relate. Ideas can be in a specific field or between two different fields, but you can always find some way to relate them together. This way you create a route of paths in your brain's journey and you will get through all of them.


4) Metaphors


Take a complex idea and compare it with a simple one. Some metaphors have limited applications, while others can be used for deep understanding.


5) Acronyms


An efficient trick is to memorize a word created with the first letter of each word. This trick is good for memorizing lists of elements (countries, names ...).


6) Link


Link two ideas together by creating a unique image which involves and relates both of them. It's an advanced memorization technique and works very well, but it takes time and practice to do it right and quick.


7) Personification


This procedure works by imagining things that are not human and giving them human characteristics. Abstract ideas with qualities of a person are easier to remember. For example, to associate scissors with a lack of love and signs of the neurons, people running through a corridor in which there are open and closed doors.


8) Previous knowledge


What do you know and could be useful? Try to make one of the information you already know, sometimes the subjects and subjects are very different, but the founding principles are similar and you can look for connections.


9) Brainstorm


Ask one of your colleagues if he/she would like to participate in a meeting in which everyone participates and tells the ideas they know about the exams, groups of 3 or 4 people is ideal, with a maximum of 6. It will be more Easier to remember something that someone else tells you that doing it alone


10) Transform it into interesting


It is easier to remember the information that you like or find interesting to you. You can try to transform all the ideas you want to memorize and associate it with some ideas that you really like.

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